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Flowers, Snake on a hike today- at Mt McCoy, Simi Valley

Flowers, Snake on a hike today- at Mt McCoy, Simi Valley. Pictures taken with Olympus E-PM2. Lens is Super Takumar, Pentax Asahi, 50mm F1.4.
All photos in manual mode, manual focus.

Wild flower

King Snake


Wild flower, Simi Valley




Photographs of a product for a friend

A friend asked me if I can take some photos of his product- a portable bluetooth speaker- Transit by Soen.
I took it with me to enjoy listening to music while camping, on a beach or at a swimming pool. Took some photos too with fast 50mm lenses.

Transit Soen
IMGP1673 IMGP1594 IMGP1509 IMGP1474

Lotus flower, Ahmedabad, India

LotusLotus is considered a popular, divine flower in India but I have rarely come across them. This is probably as good as a lotus can be.

Photo with a Canon EOS-M and a manual Super Takumar 135mm lens.



Kingfisher bird, India

KingfisherKingfisher on a tree. During a morning walk in Shela village.

Photo with Canon EOS-M and a Super Takumar lens


Kingfisher with Canon EOS-M and a Takumar manual lens

In Ahmedabad, India, I saw this beautiful bird close to AppleWood area.

Photo with Canon EOS-M and a Super Takumar 135mm F2.5 lens.


A photographer is being photographed

Photo of a photographer in action

At a picnic, a friend’s daughter was photographing something and I couldn’t resist photographing her with a Pentax K01 camera and a Super Takumar 50mm F1.4 M42 screw-mount lens.