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Simi Valley, CA photos

Simi Valley photos. Simi Valley is in Ventura county and borders with Los Angeles county. It is home for President Ronald Reagan’s Library. It houses real Air Force 1 plane that was used by President Reagan and some other US Presidents.

Simi Valley is nested in mountains. It is a beautiful valley.


India’s Presidential house (or a palace?)

Indian President's house- Rashtrapati BhavanIndian President’s house, Rashtrapati Bhavan, in New Delhi, India. Quite a building! Inside is even more beautiful but unfortunately, they don’t let you take photos inside!

Photo with Canon EOS-M

Air Force One (former) plane in Ronald Reagan Public Library

Air Force One place in Simi Valley Presidential Library

Air Force One (former) plane in Ronald Reagan Public Library
 in Simi Valley. Took this photo from Mt McCoy hill in Simi Valley.

Photo with Panasonic FZ28 long zoom camera