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Hummingbird nest in my backyard

A little hummingbird has chosen to share my backyard 🙂 Such a tiny bird. Always wanted to take photos and now I have n opportunity. Wish I can have a photo of a flying hummingbird one day. The nest is around 1.5 inches wide. I guess each egg is only a centimeter or so!
Here are some photos. Don’t forget to bookmark this site and comeback to look at the chics 😉





A zoom lens for an SLR or a ultra zoom P&S camera?

Today my wife went on a hike on Mt McCoy in Simi Valley  with her friends. That peak is around 1.5 to 1.75 miles away from my home. I wanted to take some photos so first I took out the Kodak AZ521/AZ501 that I had bought recently from Walmart for around $169. It has 50x optical zoom.

Here are two photos from one of the bedrooms in my home.  I zoomed in 50x and then cropped the photos. The photos are not that great but when you take into consideration the distance between the camera and the object, it is awesome job in my opinion.

Zoom lens or an ultrazoom P&S?
Kodak 50x zoom

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Then, I put on a sharp Super Takumar 135mm F2.5 lens and also one Sun 80-210mm F4.8 lens on a Pentax K30 camera. Obviously I can’t zoom in that much with this pair.  Following photo is the closest I could get.


So many times, I advise people to go for a ultrazoom P&S camera instead of buying a zoom lens for the SLR. Changing lens on the camera is a time consuming job and on the other hand, the second camera will not take any more space/weight than a zoom lens for your SLR. Plus, when you need to zoom in,  take photos with the P&S almost in few seconds. One thing to note here is I am assuming that we normally use Zoom in outdoor and in broad day light so an SLR really does not do any better than any camera. iPhone included.

I am writing this for another blog I have: http://photography-with-any-camera.blogspot.com/ for amateur photographers.

Do you think Pink is god’s favorite color?

Beautiful California morning. Hiked around 6 miles in the morning and then started shooting photos in the backyard. Saw most of the flowers at this time in pink and similar colors. Probably, spring starts with pink I guess.
Feel free to click on the picture and see or download it in full resolution. Sorry if some red or orange flowers get in my upload today 😉

One more, and one more and one