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On same hike- around 7 years apart

We took Arian on his first hike in July 2007 when he was around 8 months old. I took photo of mother-son and has been my favorite.  The way he looks is so cute. A perfect Kodak moment!

Today, we went on the same hike and I tried to take his photo with his mom. This time with a real Kodak camera. AZ501. Last time, we carried him and this time we went on this 8 plus mile hike with 2000 feet elevation by himself.
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Needed to make passport photos for my son- against white background

Taking photos at home with nice background
Taking photos at home with nice background

Nice photo, right? Needed some photos of my son to make passport photos. I wanted white background and see the picture below to see how I achieved it. So simple, I had to look around the home to find a while paper and that did the trick.

Arian Patel