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A lizard photo session with Fujifilms X-s1 camera

While hiking today I came across this nice Lizard who let me take photos with my Fujifilms X-s1 camera.




Nature had a white canvas and some pink color. See the creations

Nature’s paintings. White canvas and some pink color. See how well it created the patterns. Saw some beautiful flowers on a sidewalk during hiking this morning.
I am sure, such creations would draw lot of admirers if hang on some museum walls, but here it was a free show and I am sure I was the only one who took some time to bend down and enjoy it 😉
Some photos for you too.
All photos with Fujifilm X-S1 camera.







Hummingbird nest in my backyard

A little hummingbird has chosen to share my backyard 🙂 Such a tiny bird. Always wanted to take photos and now I have n opportunity. Wish I can have a photo of a flying hummingbird one day. The nest is around 1.5 inches wide. I guess each egg is only a centimeter or so!
Here are some photos. Don’t forget to bookmark this site and comeback to look at the chics 😉





Wild flowers on a hike in Simi Valley, CA

Yesterday I got a new Fujifilm X-S1 camera and this morning, I went on my favorite local hike- Mt McCoy in Simi Valley. Thank god I decided to hike today with a camera. I used Macro mode and took photos of nice flowers. Few weeks ago, when I took photos of flowers, most flowers were pink but this time the flowers were purple. Enjoy some beautiful flowers. You can download full resolution photos too or post them on Facebook or any website. These are great wild flowers gifted my nature at this time in most places around the world.
DSCF3069There is a perfect start pattern in the flower above. When in elementary school, probably every one of us tried to draw a star like this without lifting pen/pencil.DSCF3071









Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and the AirForce one plane

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and the AirForce one plane from around a mile away.

One evening I hiked Mt McCoy in Simi Valley. From there you can see the Presidential library which around a mile away. I had my Canon EOS-M and an old Sun M42 80-210mm lens which I wanted to test. I had got that lens for around $20! I didn’t have a tripod but used a bench to make my camera steady. I think the camera and the lens did a super job. You can even see some function going on inside.

Air Force 1 plane in Reagan Presidential library