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Photos of Simi Valley, CA

Here are some photos of beautiful Simi Valley, CA. Simi Valley is in Ventura county in California. These photos were taken from an evening hike on Mt. McCoy with a Fujifilm camera.

Simi Valley, CA
View of Simi Valley, CA

Simi Valley, CA DSCF6025

Wild flowers on a hike in Simi Valley, CA

Yesterday I got a new Fujifilm X-S1 camera and this morning, I went on my favorite local hike- Mt McCoy in Simi Valley. Thank god I decided to hike today with a camera. I used Macro mode and took photos of nice flowers. Few weeks ago, when I took photos of flowers, most flowers were pink but this time the flowers were purple. Enjoy some beautiful flowers. You can download full resolution photos too or post them on Facebook or any website. These are great wild flowers gifted my nature at this time in most places around the world.
DSCF3069There is a perfect start pattern in the flower above. When in elementary school, probably every one of us tried to draw a star like this without lifting pen/pencil.DSCF3071









A zoom lens for an SLR or a ultra zoom P&S camera?

Today my wife went on a hike on Mt McCoy in Simi Valley  with her friends. That peak is around 1.5 to 1.75 miles away from my home. I wanted to take some photos so first I took out the Kodak AZ521/AZ501 that I had bought recently from Walmart for around $169. It has 50x optical zoom.

Here are two photos from one of the bedrooms in my home.  I zoomed in 50x and then cropped the photos. The photos are not that great but when you take into consideration the distance between the camera and the object, it is awesome job in my opinion.

Zoom lens or an ultrazoom P&S?
Kodak 50x zoom

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Then, I put on a sharp Super Takumar 135mm F2.5 lens and also one Sun 80-210mm F4.8 lens on a Pentax K30 camera. Obviously I can’t zoom in that much with this pair.  Following photo is the closest I could get.


So many times, I advise people to go for a ultrazoom P&S camera instead of buying a zoom lens for the SLR. Changing lens on the camera is a time consuming job and on the other hand, the second camera will not take any more space/weight than a zoom lens for your SLR. Plus, when you need to zoom in,  take photos with the P&S almost in few seconds. One thing to note here is I am assuming that we normally use Zoom in outdoor and in broad day light so an SLR really does not do any better than any camera. iPhone included.

I am writing this for another blog I have: for amateur photographers.

On same hike- around 7 years apart

We took Arian on his first hike in July 2007 when he was around 8 months old. I took photo of mother-son and has been my favorite.  The way he looks is so cute. A perfect Kodak moment!

Today, we went on the same hike and I tried to take his photo with his mom. This time with a real Kodak camera. AZ501. Last time, we carried him and this time we went on this 8 plus mile hike with 2000 feet elevation by himself.
KODAK Digital Still Camera