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iPhone vs dslr camera

Most of us have come to believe that iPhone or any modern smartphone can take nice photos. It is true for outdoor or landscape photos in good light but for portraits, indoor photos or for low light photography, iPhone or any smart phone can be challenging. Expensive dSLR cameras with bigger sensors and fast lenses (wide open aperture) can give you control over depth of field that an iPhone or any Android phone can’t. Having ability to blur background can help you control what your viewer sees. Here are two photos of a rubber bands minion that my 8 year old son recently made.

Here is a photo with iPhone 5:

photo with iPhone 5

As you can in photo above, there is lot of background clutter and distractions.
Now see below a photo taken same time in same light with a Canon 6d camera with 50mm lens at f/1.8. See the difference yourself.

photo with a dslr camera

Photographs of a product for a friend

A friend asked me if I can take some photos of his product- a portable bluetooth speaker- Transit by Soen.
I took it with me to enjoy listening to music while camping, on a beach or at a swimming pool. Took some photos too with fast 50mm lenses.

Transit Soen
IMGP1673 IMGP1594 IMGP1509 IMGP1474